About Us

Schertler Switzerland and New Zealand are now excited to be able to offer their products directly from their national warehouse in Australia. Core stock now readily available with more products coming online over the next couple of months. 

Overview by Stephan Schertler

Since its foundation in the early 1980s, SCHERTLER has embarked on a passionate programme of research that aims to achieve the highest levels of fidelity in the reproduction of acoustic stringed instruments. Led by double bass player Stephan Schertler, the company’s research and development initially focused on providing a series of high quality alternatives to outdated and imperfect piezoelectric technology. Over the years, Schertler’s original approach to harnessing acoustic vibrations has led to the development of several international patents, including the STAT electrostatic bridge pick-up technology found in the classic range of sensors for bowed instruments. Other developments have included Schertler’s unique “air chamber” technology, an integral feature of the Lydia guitar sensor range. Alongside its comprehensive range of instrument sensors, Schertler has developed a whole series of high-quality, compact acoustic amplification systems. Adaptable to all acoustic instruments and genres, the amplifiers combine pristine sound quality with a wealth of features designed to meet exacting performance requirements as well as high-quality pre-amplifiers and DIs, Today, the Schertler brand is fast becoming a standard for live performance, broadcast and recording applications and we are proud to list some of the world’s leading orchestras, ensembles and solo artists as our ambassadors.